Could Trump Actually Pull Federal Workers Out of Puerto Rico

“Absent special provisions, the president typically has the authority to execute or administer the laws,” Fraser said. “As long as the president is complying with the law, he can decide when to stop recovery efforts.”

Fraser added, however, that “just because the president can exercise certain powers to limit federal involvement in the disaster recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, one would hope that he would refrain from decision making that would not only harm the people of Puerto Rico but also undermine the organizational effectiveness of FEMA and other agencies.”

In Music City, Rents Keep Going Up And Up (James Fraser, National Public Radio)

In a report on Morning Edition on NPR I was interviewed about the state of housing in Nashville, Tennessee. In the city most of the real estate development is geared toward higher-income households creating a lack of affordable housing. As the rental and homeowner markets in much of the city are going up real wages for many Nashvillians are not. This has squeezed many people out of the urban core pushing them into first ring suburbs.

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