Cumberland Project at Vanderbilt: May7-8, 2012

I have the good fortune to participate as a faculty fellow in the Cumberland Project led by Teresa Goddu and Joe Bandy at Vanderbilt. This two-day workshop includes 12 faculty from across the humanities and arts & sciences, as well as the Peabody College.  I have met some very interesting scholars who are sharing their work, and this is providing the group with very interesting ways to rethink pedagogy and experiential learning activities.

"Over the last decade, many universities have sought to encourage innovations in sustainability education by providing educators intensive workshop opportunities to (re)design courses with significant environmental or sustainability components. It is toward this goal that Vanderbilt’s Program in American Studies and the Vanderbilt Center for Teaching are proud to announce the Cumberland Project.  

"The Cumberland Project is part of a larger effort at Vanderbilt University entitled the Sustainability Project, an effort to create a campus-wide conversation that will both deepen understandings of and commitments to sustainability.  This involves various programs: the coordination of  courses on sustainability, a conference on sustainability, experiential learning experiences via “road trips” focused on different dimensions of sustainability, as well as a documentary film series and other artistic projects on sustainability with the Departments of Art and Film Studies and the Program in Creative Writing.  The Sustainability Project is funded with generous support from the College of Arts and Science Fant Fund.