Copy of Gentrification & Data Workshop at Vanderbilt

Below are links to the workshop videos, which are posted to Youtube. The workshop is divided into 3 separate videos, and the contents of each video is posted within the 'description' section of each video:

Morning Session:

Afternoon Keynote: Erin McElroy

Afternoon Session:

Additionally, here is the link to VISOR's Youtube page (which contains both the Fall multi-modal workshop, and the Spring workshop on gentrification):


The Vanderbilt Initiative for Smart-City Operations and Research (VISOR) invites you to participate in  our spring workshop on gentrification and equitable development in Nashville. Please join us to learn more on the ways collaborative efforts among community, practitioner, and government members can create equitable development within our communities.

A Workshop on Practical Data Methods, Gentrification, and Equitable Development in Nashville
Monday, April 16, 2018
8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Wyatt Center Rotunda

This one-day workshop will provide opportunities to discuss: The Role of Data Science, Mapping and Machine Learning in Equitable Development, and Social Mix and Community Involvement in Equitable Development. This workshop is invitation only and will provide opportunities for key stakeholders to connect on issues critical to Nashville’s landscape .
Light breakfast and lunch will be provided.Speakers include:

Dr. Jim Fraser – Associate Professor, Community Development and Action, Vanderbilt University
Dr. Ken Steif – Lecturer, MUSA Program Director, U. of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
Erin McElory – Director, Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (San Francisco)